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As few people really care to be inundated with my historical ramblings, I figured I would create a separate outlet that would be entirely optional for those who know me. For those acquainted with me, you know several things to be solid fact. One of those truths, is that I am a tremendous, self professed, inoperable nerd. Not the sort that ever could have tolerated being shoved in a locker, but one of those closet cases with endless scraps of utterly useless information.

That being said, one of my passions is living history. It was inevitable that one day I would be wholly ensnared in that realm and I must say, I thoroughly enjoy it. It's not necessarily something that I can explain, loquacious as I am known to be. Always have I been mesmerized by history. For as long as I can recall. Even as a child, I would enter an historic location and immediately become hypnotized by the essence yet thriving. It is no different now, and my heart is glad for it. The draw is undeniable and I do succumb.

View you these postings with an open heart and open mind. They are meant merely as a conveyance of my passion for history, connections and experiences.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Unique Victorian Names- From Confederate Muster Rolls!

So, I'm always on the look out for fascinating southern names. Since most of the characters from my novel are from Virginia, I try to find authentic names that would be fitting from the era without resorting to "the biblical classics" all the time. That being said, I've sifted through a lot of muster rolls. (Those are lists of soldiers in a given regiment). In doing so, I've picked up some cool names to use, but I've also found some real whoppers. Now, I'm not making these names up. They really did come off muster rolls from Virginia regiments during the Civil War. This batch came from the 12th, 24th, 42nd, 50th, 51st, 54th, and 58th VA.

First and last name combinations that are worth noting:

Coon Spangler
Dexterity Varner
Peter Handy
Tazewell Gallington Wells
Costly Belcher
Josiah Waddle
Green Penn
Nimrod Poteet
Ham Belton
Green Berry Luster (he sounds like a crayon...)
Fountain Gille
Cpt. Hiram Demosthense Pridemore
Doctor Puckett
Forest Sargent
Peachy Hopkins
Edward Snodgrass
Peter Cockram
Calvin Unthank
Algernon Rhinehart
Cyrus Bushrod
Constance Canidy
Archibald Hunsucker
German Wood
Littington Cool
Lafayette Livesay
Squire Asbury Blakemore
Nasham Cap
Nathanial Swordcox
Atlantic Ocean Crook
Green Berry Compton
Hezekiah Head
Elihu Vermillion Litton
Zion Parsons
Wales Wellington Wallace Peters (try embroider'n THAT on a hanky)

Phew! In addition to my growing collection of "fascinate'n names" there is also my list of first names that I deem to be just plain cool.

Crockett (Gotta love Don Johnson)

Now, it was quite common to name your son "Doctor" or "General" or as you saw, "Commadore". Pretty weird, if you think of it in childhood terms. "Haha, Doctor Puckett just peed his pants!" Another common naming technique back in the Victorian era was giving your (son, mostly) the full name of a hero from history as his first name. For example, Thomas Jefferson Jones. A pretty famous one, and due entirely to the family connection, would be George Washington Custis Lee, General Robert E. Lee's first born son. (And naturally, following the Civil War, many children were named for generals, including Robert E. Lee). My personal favorite in this category is the first name Patrick Henry because he was a mouthy bad ass who didn't give a shit about what people thought, was all about rebelling, and any dude who locks his crazy wife in a basement is all right by me!

This has been today's lesson in Victorian names. Believe me, the list will continue growing as I continue learning! I hope you found it interesting!

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